Halloween Vocabulary Fill Puzzle


1)the spirit of someone who has died, esp. one that is believed to have returned to earth to haunt a place or living people.

2)in folklore and fairy tales, an ugly creature that does evil or mischief to humans.

3)inhabited or visited by ghosts.

4)a covering for all or part of the face, usu. worn to disguise the wearer's identity.

5)an imaginary or mythical creature, often with features of two different animals or of animals and humans.

6)a corpse preserved by embalming, esp. one embalmed and wrapped by or in the manner of the ancient Egyptians.
7)a mixture for drinking, esp. one that is supposed to have medicinal, magical, or poisonous effects.

8)a large, roundish, gourdlike orange fruit that has thick edible flesh and is borne on a low-growing vine.

9)any of various usu. night-flying mammals that have wings that are covered with membranes, and that sense objects mostly by means of reflected sound waves rather than by vision.

10)causing fear; frightening.

11)a word, phrase, or the like used to bewitch or enchant; charm; incantation.

12)a legendary being, often said to be a revived corpse, that preys on people in order to suck out their blood.

13)a man who practices witchcraft or magic arts; sorcerer.

14)a woman who practices or is believed to practice occult magic; sorceress.

15)a spell or supernatural force that, according to voodoo belief and legend, can enter a corpse, return life to it, and then control its actions.

16)to form or inscribe by cutting.

17)a set of clothes suited to a particular season, occasion, or activity.