Name :_______________ Date :_______________
Hanukkah Word Jump

1.)    Hanukkah begins_________ the_________ day of the Hebrew month of_________ _________ the holiday is celebrated for eight days.
       [A] on             [B] 25th             [C] and             [D] Kislev,       

2.)   _________ in Jewish tradition the Hebrew calendar date starts at_________ _________ first evening of_________ starts after the sunset of the 24th of Kislev.
       [A] Since             [B] Hanukkah             [C] sunset,             [D] the       

3.)    There is a custom to have Hanukkah parties and to_________ foods fried or baked in some_________ of kosher_________ oil/s, preferably olive oil, as the_________ miracle of the Hanukkah menorah involved the discovery of the small flask of oil used by the Jewish High Priest (the Kohen Gadol).
       [A] original             [B] kind             [C] cooking             [D] eat       

4.)   _________ _________ of_________ is preserved in the books of 1 Maccabees and 2_________
       [A] Maccabees.             [B] Hanukkah             [C] The             [D] story       

5.)    The Talmud presents three customs: lighting one light each_________ _________ _________ one light each night for each member of the household, or, the most pious method, where the number_________ candles changed each night.
       [A] per             [B] night             [C] of             [D] household,       

6.)    The primary_________ according to Jewish law and_________ involves_________ an eight-branched candelabrum, known by different_________
       [A] ritual,             [B] kindling             [C] names.             [D] custom,