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Olympics Mix and Match

Directions: Match the letters of the clues with the words.

Words Clues
1.  Pierre de Coubertin
a.  Represents the five original continents.
2.  Olympic Flame
b.  Distance Olympic ski jumpers will fly after launching themselves off the Olympic ski jump.
3.  Gold Medal
c.  The site of the first ever Olympic Games.
4.  James B. Connolly (USA)
d.  Burns until the closing of the Olympic Games.
5.  1916, 1940, 1944
e.  One these dates the Olympic games were not held due to war.
6.  Greece
f.  "Swifter, Higher, Stronger."
7.  The Olympic Rings
g.  Weight of the rock used in curling.
8.  The Olympic motto
h.  Winner of the first Olympic event ever held.
9.  394 Feet
i.  Awarded to the first place athlete in each event.
10.  42 Pounds
j.  Author of the Olympic Oath.