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Direction  : Proofread this paragraph. Rewrite the corrected paragraph on the spaces below. Replace all missing consonants, punctuation marks, and vowels. Correct all spelling. Circle each "ca" sound within the passage.


 _edy Fox was to sshrreewd to waste _ny _ime trying to dig it larger_ He knew t_ere wasn't rom enough for h_m to get bet_een those roots. So, after trying to ma_e Peter as _ncomfortable as possible b_ telling him what he, Reddy, woul_ do to him wh_n he did catch him, Red_y trotted off across the Green Meado_s. Peter rem_ined where he was for a long _ime. When he was quite sure th_t it was safe _o do so, he crept out and hurried, lippe_ty-lipperty-l_p, up to the Old Orc_ard. He felt that that would be the sa_est place for h_m, because there were eve_ so many hiding places in the old st__e wall along the edge of it.