Veterans Day Crossword Answer Key

Name : ________________ Date : ________________

Solve the following crossword puzzle.

            1 c   o     m   2 m   e     m     o     r     a     t   3 i   o     n  
              o                 e                                         n              
4 c         m                 m                                         f              
  a           m                 o                           2 g   u     a     r     d  
  v           a         3 a   r     m     e     d                       n              
  a           n                 i                             a           t              
  l           d                 a         5 v               r           r              
  r           o         4 f   l     e     e     t           m           y              
  y                                         t                 y                     6 b
      7 t                                 e                                         r  
        r               5 c   o     u     r     a     g     e                       a  
        o                                   a                                         v  
6 h   o     n     o     r                 n                                         e  
        p                                                                             r  
                                                                  7 n   a     v     y  



1. a ceremony to honor the memory of a person or event.
2. to protect from danger or harm.
3. holding or bearing weapons.
4. a group of naval ships under one command or grouped for one purpose.
5. the quality of will that enables a person to confront fear or danger regardless of the consequences; bravery.
6. to have high regard or esteem for; respect.
7. the part of a nation's military organization that is concerned with warfare on or over the sea.



1. a small, specially trained military unit used for surprise assaults on enemy-held territory.
2. a ceremony, custom, or public structure to honor a dead person or past event.
3. foot soldiers, or the branch of the military to which they belong.
4. troops mounted on horseback or in armored carriers or helicopters, or the branch of military service composed of such troops.
5. a person who was formerly part of the armed forces, esp. during a war.
6. the quality or condition of being brave; fearlessness; courage.
7. to assemble or join together in a crowd.