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These are an on-line applications that allow you to make customized printable graphic organizers, lesson plans, puzzles, rubrics, and worksheets! Sign up now to access all resources instantly.

For our low membership rate of $29.99 per year (just 8 cents a day), you will receive unlimited access to the following items:

  Rubric Makers

- Create K-12 rubrics - All content areas
- Easy to use - Rubrics in minutes

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  Math Worksheet Makers

- K-12 math worksheets - 100s of worksheets
- Auto answer keys - Quick and simple

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  Language Arts Worksheet Makers

- For everyday K-12 use - Wide variety
- Simple to use - Auto answer keys

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  Puzzle Worksheet Makers

- Vocabulary Puzzles - Word Puzzles
- Logic / Math Puzzles - Quick and simple

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  Graphic Organizer Makers

- Instantly add text - Great print quality
- PDF format - 20+ instant organizers

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  Lesson Plan Maker

- Create custom lessons - 10+ formats
- Standards based - Quick and simple

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  Printpal Printable Makers

- Award Certificates - Newsletters, Patterns
- Calendars - Timelines

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  Word List Manager

- Automatic worksheets - Save clue lists
- Save word lists - 15 worksheets per list

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  Printing Formats

- MS Word® - Standard Formats

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  Saving Files

- Save online - Internet hard drive
- Save on your computer - Use other members files

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