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Our puzzle makers enable members to create high quality puzzles and edit the details of the puzzles. The flexibility of our puzzle makers is remarkable! Answer keys are also created to make it even easier!

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  Crossword Puzzle Worksheet Maker

Automatic crossword puzzle maker lays out the entire puzzle for you. You can also use our manual software which allows you to completely customize every option.

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  Vocabulary Fill Puzzle Maker

This application creates a crossword-like puzzle. You can choose the percentage of letters shown in the puzzle to help students develop word associations.

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  Cryptogram Worksheet Maker

Make a riddle, add a few words, and our tools will do the rest. This is a great activity to allow logic to connect with vocabulary.

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  Word Chop Worksheet Maker

Just input the words of your choice. Students must piece the words together to create the vocabulary words of their choice.

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  Magic Squares Puzzle Maker

A fantastic hands-on activity for students! Students re-arrange the pieces so that matching words or clues are directly opposite one another. Guaranteed fun for all!

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  Word Scramble Worksheet Maker

Another fun activity for introducing new vocabulary and complement spelling. Students rearrange letters to make the vocabulary words.

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  Math Puzzle Maker

Make an addition or multiplication puzzle with ease. Customize the size of the puzzle, ranging of integers, and number of blanks that appear in the puzzle.

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  Word Search Worksheet Maker

A fun activity for introducing new vocabulary. Customize the puzzles with the words of your choice, size of your choice, and direction of answers.

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  Maze Worksheet Maker

Make random maze worksheets. Customize dimensions, direction of movement, wall size, and maze/path color.

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  Word Search Maker With Clues

A fun alternative to a crossword puzzle. Students must find words in the puzzle based on the clues.

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  Secret Decoder Message Maker

A great activity for introducing logic. Students use math skills to decode a riddle of your choice. A great introduction to logic puzzles.

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  Quote Fall

Make your own custom quote fall worksheets. Our software creates the puzzle and layout scheme for you.

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  Spiral Vocabulary Worksheet Maker

This application creates a spiral vocabulary puzzles. Just type the words and clues. Our software does the rest!

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