Why Join Makeworksheets.com?

Makeworksheets.com is the first of its kind! It is an on-line application that allows you to make customized printable graphic organizers, lesson plans, puzzles, rubrics, and worksheets! Makeworksheets.com also allows members to save the documents that they create for printing or editing at a later date. Documents are saved to member's personal file manager. This allows members to save the files they create on our server to be accessed, printed, and edited at anytime from any location where there is Internet access.

   How Makeworksheets changes your life:

  In Past You Had To... With Makeworksheets.com You...

Purchase: 1. Rubric Creation Software ($50)
2. Lesson Plan Maker Software ($35)
3. Purchase Puzzle Software ($40)
4. Graphic Organizer Software ($45)
5. Language Arts Creation Software ($35)
6. Math Worksheet Software ($50)
7. Time Line Maker Software ($35)
8. Calendar Maker Software ($25)
9. Newsletter Software ($30)
$29.99 you get all this and more!

Software: 1. Find quality software.
2. Install it.
3. Contact nine separate vendors for support.
4. Pay for additional upgrades.
It's all in one place!
No installation.
Our Support Team covers all.
Upgrades to system are free.

Access: 1. Pay for each computer you use the software on.
2. You could only access it from one location.
3. Only for use on a PC or Mac.
One price and use it anywhere.
Use any Internet-ready computer.
Our system works on all platforms.

Ease of use : 1. Some applications are hard to use.
2. They never seem to make any improvements.
Our system is simple and intuitive.
Our system is constantly updated.

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